M O T H E R H O O D Nurturing Life

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In the tender embrace of motherhood, every moment becomes a symphony of love and learning. As I reflect on the heartfelt journey shared by one of my cherished clients, Emily – her words resonate like a soothing lullaby.

Together, we all navigate the highs and lows of nurturing life, fostering resilience and unconditional love… These motherhood sessions became my sanctuary, a safe space, a vibrant community with collective strength.

To all the mothers out there on this beautiful journey, remember, you are never alone. I find the essence of the sacred bond shared among mothers — a bond rooted in understanding.

The Tug
The darkness feels lonely
In your room
The light streaming under the door
The reminder of this reality in here with you
Means that a warm dinner is turning cold
Moments of time for myself slipping away before you wake throughout the night
My eyes wander to that light streaming in and I long to be on the other side of it
But I’m pulled back into the darkness, quiet and your warm breath on my neck as I bounce your twelve pound body in my arms
What a gift it is to create a gentle and safe existence for you
I’m reminded that the way I love you today will shape how safe you feel tomorrow
Like a secret I’ll keep from the world
In this darkness just you and I 
Is that this dance isn’t the first 
And we’ll need each other again
Because although I long to get back to a life on the other side of the door
I know there will be a day where I yearn for these moments of just you and I
Making it by on lots of love and just enough milk
Although my eyelids are heavy and I long to get back to life on the other side of the door
Part of me pauses each time I stand on the other side hoping that you’ll call me back in
One more time

Emily Reynolds

Mother’s Day Mini Sessions


Day 1

Tacoma Photo Studio


Day 2

210 Studio